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Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan

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Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan

The name of my book is Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan. This is a mystery thriller about five teens who plan to kidnap their English teacher to teach him a lesson. Their teacher is very hard on them and does not allow any room for slacking. But instead of just kidnapping him for a while, they decide to abandon him for a while by a deserted lake in the middle of nowhere. Two of the teens come back to find that he is dead. Now they must decide what to do with the body and how to explain his death.
There are six main characters in this story: Mark, David, Susan, Jeff, Betsy, and Mr. Griffin. The most influential would be Mark. He is the one who comes up with the plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin. He is not a very good student and has a reputation of being a "bad boy." Next there is David. David is supposed to be one of the better kids in the story. He is a senior who is in the same class as Mark and the other characters. His role in the kidnapping is to get Susan to go along with the plan., and to help with the kidnapping itself. He seems to be a rather good kid in the beginning of the story but he progresses to be one of the bad ones. He has a very stressful home life with his mom and grandma. Then there is Susan. Susan is the good student and kid of the group. She is thought of as unpopular and a geek. She is very bright considering that she is a junior and is taking an English IV class. She is supposed to distract Mr. Griffin by having a meeting with him after school on the day of the event. She then gets pulled into the conflict even further when she wants to go to the police when Mr. Griffin dies. She almost gets

killed by Mark for wanting to do the right thing and tell the truth. Jeff is one of the guys who helps with the kidnapping, He does whatever Mark tells him to do. Jeff is also a poor student in Mr.

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Griffin's class. He thinks that the plan will work to shake up the teacher enough to make him ease up on them. Mark tells Jeff to keep Griffin's car in his garage and to give it a new paint job and he does, after a little debate about it. Then, there is Betsy. Not a lot is told about her except that she is the one who is going to provide everyone with alibis and drive the getaway car for the boys after they get Griffin. Lastly, Mr. Griffin. He is the teacher that all the teens hate. He is a very strict and structured teacher. He does not allow room for slacking and likes to see kids really get into English. He seems to be very hard on the teens at times, or so they think. He is especially hard on Mark, making him beg to be put back in class after he was kicked out. He is a man in his middle age, around 40 years old. He is married with a baby on the way. He takes his job very seriously and wants the teens to always do their best.
There a many conflicts in this story. The most evident is man vs. man. The students plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin to make him ease up in the classroom. Another conflict is man vs. nature. The kids leave Mr. Griffin out by the lake at night with no way of getting help or helping himself. He is bound so that he can not move, this means that he can not get to his heart medication either. Then there is man vs. society. The students committed a crime the moment the took him against his will. They also commit 2nd degree murder when he dies after they leave him there alone at night. The last conflict is man vs. himself. Susan and David begin to have feelings of guilt and fear for what they have done. They go back to get Mr. Griffin only to find that he is dead. Susan

wants to go the police but she does not because Mark convinced her otherwise.
This story starts when Susan is walking across her school's parking lot, thinking about their new teacher, Mr. Griffin. As she was walking across the parking lot, she thought about how she hated spring, and how she wished that she lived on a lake somewhere She then thought about how her realist father had put it. He had asked her how she was going to pay the property taxes. After that, she started realizing that of all the times that she had said someday, they would probably mean never. Just then, David, her crush, came along, and was a bit angry at the fact that his paper had been lost, except for the piece that Susan had caught. They then commented about all of the things that Mr. Griffin did and how he was not a very good teacher, at least to them.
After reaching the school building, David struggled with the door, and found his way inside; the crowd immediately swallowed him up, before Susan could catch up and start to walk beside him. She then gave up, after his friends, Jeff and Mark joined him at his side. After she had been pushed into her homeroom, she had two minutes to wait for class to start and sat uncomfortably at her seat. She began rummaging through her purse, for a lack of something better to do.
After class started, Mr. Griffin walked in, immaculate, and on time as usual, and asked for the homework. Most students had passed theirs in, but Mr. Griffin persisted in bothering those who had not decided to do it, or who had not understood the assignment. Jeff had just about had it, and stood up to Mr. Griffin and asked why he would not re-explain the assignment, why he did not give extra help, and why he didn't give any "A's." Mr. Griffin responded by

saying that nobody was incapable of doing the assignment and no one in the class did work that was worthy of an A.
Later, when Mark and his clique were in the soda shop, he jokingly suggested that they kill Mr. Griffin. But then, he later suggested that they "just kidnap him," and make him "crawl," thinking that this would make Mr. Griffin rethink the way he taught his classes and make him want to leave. This would solve their whole problem, and get rid of him for a long time to come They then worked out a plan, choosing Susan as their "decoy," the person who would lure Mr. Griffin into staying after school, and then they would jump him when he went for his car. She would be the perfect candidate, because of her standing in class as a nice, inconspicuous person. It was David's job to initially get Susan to go along with the plan by inviting her to go on a group outing to the mountains. Susan agreed to go with them, only because she a crush on him. Mark and David persuade Susan to be the decoy and assist with the plan. She was to schedule a meeting with Mr. Griffin after school on the day of the event and then to go with the others to the lake to carry out the rest of the plan.
The plan was for Mark, Jeff, and David to kidnap Mr. Griffin, bind him, and take him up to the lake where they were to "work" on him. As Susan and Mr. Griffin were walking out of the school, he told Susan that she has great potential to be a great student and that he was pleased to be teaching her. Just as he was getting into his car, the boys grabbed him and blindfolded him.
Susan got so emotional that she began to cry uncontrollably and ran home without going to the lake. The boys waited a few seconds for Betsy to show up with the getaway car, but she was late because she had gotten stopped for speeding. David told Susan to stay behind and tell Betsy that
the rest of them were up at the lake and to meet them there. Betsy finally arrived and pleaded with Susan to come with her to the lake but she refused and ran home.
At the lake, the boys laid Mr. Griffin on the ground by the lake and began what they thought would be a harmless prank on him. They told him that there were hundreds of kids there and that they all wanted to see him beg to be let go, just like he had made Mark beg. Griffin refused to beg so Mark said that they would leave him there to starve to death or until he was willing to beg to be let free. The boys saw that he was relentless and left him there for seven hours, or until the basketball game was over. Mr. Griffin was left by a deserted lake at night tied up without any help within miles. The worst thing was Mark had taken Mr. Griffin's heart medication and Mr. Griffin needed them desperately.
During the night, Susan began to feel so guilty that she persuaded David to take her back up to the lake to check on Mr. Griffin and to let him go. When the two got to the place where they had left him, they realized that he was dead. They decided that the best thing to do would be to call Mark and let him handle it. They rushed back to the basketball game and told Mark and the others what they had discovered. Mark said that the best thing to do was to lay low and stick to their alibis. Susan knew something had to be done about this. She wanted to go to the police, but Mark had other plans. When Mark found out that she wanted to go to the police, he made sure she didn't. He went to her house one night while her parents were away and set her house on fire, thinking that way she would not be able to go to the police if she were dead. The story ends with Susan telling the truth to the police about what happened and who was involved. She later finds out from Griffin's wife that he thought very highly of her. My opinion of the book is that this is a great book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good thriller. It has suspense, intrigue, action, and my favorite, a shocking plot twist. Who would have ever thought that Mark would try to kill Susan for wanting to do the right thing. One good thing about this book is it is very easy to follow and you will not be able to put it down. The fact that David actually starts to like Susan during the story is great, considering that Susan has a big crush on him. I think everyone should read this book. It is the best book I have ever read.

David Ruggles

David is a responsible, scholarly young man with big dreams of one day becoming a lawyer. While he loves his mother and grandmother, he can feel the pressure from his mother to become successful for the sake of his family. He is torn by this knowledge that he must be successful and an overwhelming desire to be free from responsibility. When he sees a chance at this happiness by joining Mark’s plan, he jumps without considering the consequences. David wants to do the right thing, but his personal turmoil makes him weak and indecisive.

Mr. Griffin

Strict with his students, Mr. Griffin is a perfectionist when it comes to their work. He doesn’t take excuses. He’s aware of his abrasive personality, but popularity doesn’t matter to him. He truly cares for his students, but not in a way that is immediately recognizable to them.

Jeff Garrett

Jeff’s anger is the driving force behind the plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin. His temper has gotten him into trouble in the classroom before, which leads to his embarrassment. His world revolves around the basketball court, the only place where he can maintain some control. Off the court, his is mystified by Mark’s hold on him, but because Mark can control himself and other, Jeff goes along with what his best friends asks of him.

Betsy Cline

She’s not the prettiest girl in the school, but Betsy Cline has a way with people that gets her noticed and makes her popular. She’s the head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and teacher’s pet. At home, she’s the only child to a single parent, so she’s used to getting her way. The one thing she can’t get, though, is Mark’s attention. She refuses to leave Mr. Griffin’s class or break up with Jeff just so she can be close to Mark. And since she is persistent about having her own way, she will do whatever it takes to win Mark’s affection.

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