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A title: nothing fancy, no need to be cute, just a title
A Sample Philosophy Paper
This contains all the required information. If your prof likes to grade anonymously, make sure not to include your name.
An introduction:
Again, nothing fancy. Tell the reader what the paper is about. Provide a roadmap. And...
...a statement of your thesis.
Some background: This can be hard. Only include what is needed in order for you to argue for your thesis.
I included my student number and the page number on every page. This way my prof won't accidentally staple the first half of my paper to the second half of someone else's.
The entire paper leads to my argument for my thesis.
I'm still explaining Frege's view here.
Road mapping along the way, so the reader knows what's going on.
This is Frege's argument that I will address! I'm very careful to present it clearly. Even though I will argue against it, I try to make it sound as plausible as possible.
I use an example to explain Frege's argument. I just used Frege's example, but I could have been more creative and used my own.
I try to explain Frege's argument explicitly. Writing it out like this is probably overkill. The important thing is that I identified the key premises and the conclusion.
I tell you exactly where I disagree with Frege's argument.
This is my argument for my thesis. I try to be clear, using language in a controlled way, and using examples to help the reader along.
I restate my conclusion at the end of my argument.
I assess the damage to Frege's overall position.
Here I respond to a possible objection to my argument.
My conclusion is short and sweet. I recap my main points.
An unfortunate page break. Luckily my prof doesn't mind.
My bibliography. Most philosophy profs don't care what format you use, as long as all the information is there.
NEVER use tab to achieve a hanging indent. Bad things happen.
The End
by Angela Mendelovici
I used a quotation because I think Frege's is a good way of putting things. But I also explained it in my own words afterwards.
The University of Western Ontario
Oct. 20, 2010

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My Personal Philosophy of Education Essay examples

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My Personal Philosophy of Education

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that in my future I wanted to become a teacher. I always looked up to my teachers, especially the ones I had in elementary school. I even played 'school' with my friends and pretended I had my own classroom. I loved being in charge. During a summer, I was given the opportunity to work as an Energy Express mentor and work with a group of eight children. This was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever been through. I was a mentor to help guide the children, and by the end of the summer I felt as if I had really accomplished something. I am planning to pursue a career in elementary education. I love children, and just knowing that as a…show more content…

It is important to encourage the development of thinking and reasoning to enable students to use their minds. Education is important because it gradually prepares students for a future career.

As a teacher, I will try to enrich the minds of students. I want them to understand the importance of education. I hope to serve as a role model and gain respect from all of my pupils. I trust that my teaching strategies will be inspiring, and my dedication and passion for teaching obvious. I hope that after every successful year of teaching I develop a feeling of satisfaction. I want my students to have an understanding of education and a positive outlook on life. I hope that by my passion for teaching I will have an impact on my students. I want them to walk away with a continuing eagerness and motivational drive to learn and advance.

Cooperative learning will be a method I use in my classroom. I believe that in a cooperative learning group a student can learn socialization skills and how to work with others. This goes along with the pragmatic/progressive philosophy that children learn by doing. The progressivism teaching style also includes the incorporation of problem-solving and critical thinking techniques. I want my students to learn to think for themselves and be able to function in society. At the same time, I will be a fellow learner myself and

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