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Having kids is a big responsibility. Parents may try their best to raise perfect little angels, but they end up with little monsters instead. When it comes to children, there are no good or bad kids and they are all just learning and trying to turn into the people they are meant to become. That means they are bound to make some mistakes while growing up. Most kids hate doing homework, but love it or hate it, these kids came up with some pretty ornery answers for their assignments. The teachers who read these answers probably did more than just blush a little and the parents probably wanted to roll over and die over them. Wondering what in the world a little kid could put on their homework to cause such reactions? Check out these 15 hilarious kids homework answers that are too funny to be wrong.

15 Should These Parents Be Embarrassed Or Proud?

Most parents know how it feels when their kids do something that makes them mad and also makes them laugh at the same time. That has to be the case here. On one hand, these parents are probably embarrassed because their child wrote about big butts on his class assignment, but on the other hand, they are probably laughing about it. If I was this child’s parent, I would probably be proud of the fact that he knew the lyrics to such a good song. Something tells me the teacher had to giggle a little when she read this too. If not, there is something wrong with her. I hope this kid continues to be this creative on all his assignments.

14 Oh Now, Every Living Thing Does It

What’s so inappropriate about this? I mean the kid followed the directions, his letters are neat, his handwriting is legible. What’s the problem? Oh yea, he’s talking about dog crap. To be fair, everyone and everything does it and if you are asking a kid to write a sentence about things that start with the letter “D,” what do you expect? Had the teacher not pointed out that this was inappropriate, the kid probably wouldn’t have thought anything about it. Maybe he didn’t even mean for it to be funny. Kids are pretty oblivious to these kinds of things and sometimes grown ups make them worse than they are. I think this teacher just needs to lighten up. At least she didn’t mark it wrong.

13 This Could Have Been A Lot Worse

Does anyone else feel like this kid was set up for this? I mean seriously, what did this teacher expect? Why would you even attempt to teach kids about “F” words. Yea they need to learn about words that start with the letter “F” but maybe they shouldn’t be referred to as “F” words. This could have been a lot worse than it was. I think the teacher should just be glad the kid went with FART and not another popular word that starts with the same letter. In fact, I really can’t believe there wasn’t a kid who didn’t write that word. I bet a lot of parents were breathing sighs of relief when they saw what words their kids picked. This kid's parents were probably the most relieved. Any kid who is brave enough to write about farts and also make an illustration of a fart, probably isn’t too far from using the other “F” word either. I seriously peed a little when I saw this. I think we can all agree that we are glad he couldn't think of more.

12 Everyone Was Thinking It

One of the best things about young kids is that they are brutally honest. This is a trait that is usually underappreciated by adults, especially teachers and parents. I am just glad the teacher decided to go ahead and give this kid credit for the first part of their answer. Seriously, who wants to swim in a pond that is full of trash? What an awful experience. When the people who make elementary school textbooks stop coming up with stupid questions, maybe kids will stop giving such ridiculously funny and savage answers. I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned here, but I can’t stop laughing long enough to figure out what it is.

11 She Did What She Was Asked

This little girl did exactly what she was asked to do so I hope these weren’t marked wrong. The directions say to name the quadrilaterals. They don’t say you have to put their mathematical names. If you are going to name some shapes, these seem like pretty good names to me. I feel like I could probably remember these names better than their actual names too. Maybe she thought the same thing. I like how she got creative and named one Tedison. That almost sounds like it could have been right. The very least this teacher could have done is explained the directions better and given this little girl another chance. I hope they sent her paper home to her parents so they could have a good laugh.

10 I Hope This Is Hanging On The Refrigerator

If you have to send in a note to apologize and set the record straight on your kids homework assignment, you might have either the worst kid in the world or the best. When the class was asked to draw a picture that showed what they want to be when they grow up, this little girl didn’t hesitate to draw a picture of her mommy working hard. Of course, it looks like mommy might be a stripper. A popular stripper at that. This mother was probably horrified when she saw what her child had drawn. Don’t worry class, mommy isn’t a stripper, she just sells snow shovels at Home Depot.

9 I Wonder If This Kid Is A Fan?

If you think about the role models that are around for kids these days, you realize their generation is likely doomed. The fact that so many kids keep up with celebrities and music artists means they know more than they should. Justin Bieber may have been okay for kids to listen to when he first started his music career but a few short years later, he was headed down the wrong path. This kid apparently doesn’t mind that Justin Bieber is a bad boy, and he has no problem sharing that with the rest of the class. I hope these parents learned to monitor their child’s music and television habits a little better.

8 What's The Right Answer?

I don’t get it, what’s wrong with this answer? That arrow is clearly pointing to the guy’s crotch and we all know that behind his pants there is a penis. Sometimes teachers ask and expect too much from kids. Even when they get the exact answer they asked for , they still aren't happy. They just need to keep their assignments simple and things like this won’t happen. I just wonder how bothered and confused this kid was when he or she realized one of their spelling words was penis. Even better, how long did it take mom and dad to figure out that penis wasn’t the right word. Im curious as to what the arrow pointing to? Is it lap? Pants? Dare I say it, vagina? Wouldn’t it have been easier to have found a new way to symbolize the word? Elementary school is tough these days.

7 It's The Thought That Counts

You have to hand it to this kid for being honest. On one hand, he wanted to give his mom or dad a great gift. On the other hand, he didn’t want to lie to them or take out the trash. So, he came up with this nice present. I bet his parents were excited to get some help around the house when they first saw the coupon book. Little did they know, their little master mind had found a way to get out of doing the chores. To be fair, maybe he did offer to do the things listed on the other coupons. He just wants to make it clear that he will be taking out the trash zero times. It’s the thought that counts right?

6 I Feel Sorry For His Mom

If there is one way to get kids to read, it’s to give them books about things that interest them or things they are already familiar with. When a kid’s dad happens to look like a character in the book, it makes the book that much better for the child. When the kid’s dad happens to look like a character in the book who happens to be a gargoyle, it’s better for everyone. The teacher who got this homework assignment had to laugh when she read this. I bet she looked through the book to find out exactly what the gargoyle looked like. I know I would. I bet they had an interesting parent- teacher conference too.

5 Those Damn Hores

Watching a child learn to spell in read is a great experience. Partly because you are watching them gain new knowledge and skills and partly because their spelling errors are so damn funny sometimes. I mean if this said horses, it would be nearly as funny as it is with the spelling mistake. You have to watch out for all the “hores” out there. They are tricksters. The sooner a person learns this, the better off they are. Too bad this kid is introducing the rest of the class to this fact of life at a young age. I bet his parents made him sit down and write out “horse” until his hands hurt. I also bet his teacher laughed her ass off when she read this. Good thing that sticker was there to clear things up.

4 Technically, This Is Right

I seriously wonder if teachers or the people who make textbooks even think when they are creating questions. You can’t give kids scrambled letter that make up a cuss word and then expect them not to write out a cuss word. The least this teacher could have done is given this student partial credit. To be fair, it is correct. Those letters unscrambled spell the word “Shit.” I think any normal person looking at those letters would think they spelled “Shit.” In fact, it took me a few minutes to figure out what the right answer was and I wasn’t even under any pressure. I can’t imagine how bad this kid felt. I bet he was sweating bullets wondering whether or not to put this answer or just leave it blank. Too bad this teacher has no sense of humor.

3 She Gotcha There

Kids might have good imaginations, but they have no time for nonsense when homework is involved. At least that’s how this little girl handled it. Sure, she may have known the answer to the math problem, but she also knows ghosts aren’t real. She’s not about to be tricked by a confusing word problem. She went with her gut on this one and I think it should be counted as correct. Unless this teacher can prove that ghosts do exist, this is right. I think she should get bonus points for being smart enough to point out the obvious. Let’s just hope this little girl keeps using her logic as she gets older. She might just survive middle school and high school.

2 Save It For College Kid

No matter how much parents try to shelter their children from the real world, they still learn about things we wish they wouldn't learn about until they are older. Now, Red Solo Cups can be used to hold any drink, but we all know what drink they usually hold. There is nothing like enjoying a nice cold beer from a red plastic cup. Does this kid know that feeling? Probably not. But he may have seen his parents or older siblings enjoying a cold one a time or two. Maybe he just likes to drink his juice from one. I don’t know what kind of grade he ended up getting, but I bet he will be the life of the party one day. Stay in school buddy, college is worth it.

1 Way To Keep It Simple

Can you imagine how hard it is to be a high school teacher? They have to deal with little assholes who think they know it all, all day long. You know they get a lot of smart ass answers like this on a daily basis and they all probably come from the same handful of students. It has to be frustrating to know that this kid was just trying to be funny but still managed to put down the right answer. I’m sure this teacher is counting down the days until graduation. Then again, with answers like this, this kid might not get to graduate and his teachers may be stuck with him again. I have a feeling they will all pass him just so that doesn’t happen. Maybe he is smart after all.

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Kids are unfettered fountains of honesty and hilarity, even when it comes to school assignments. Here are the funniest homework answers ever turned in to the teacher.

Addition is hard.

Good use of the word “butts.” 5 extra points.

It’s important to have a healthy and active sex life, even at 100.

This is also his Mother’s Day card.

The “Well, I never!” is implied in the teacher’s handwriting.



They sure do.

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Jeez, Dad.

Basho was never so succinct at expressing annoyance.

Phonics homework turned into an ethics assignment.

It’s important to learn subtlety at a young age.

No one likes a cold Katherine.

Traditional signs are no longer acceptable.

This kid was raised right.

Further evidence of good parenting.

This took an unexpected turn.

The longest possible time before more church!

The “…dumbass” is implied.

Some issues are coming up here.

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