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The 2010 national census showed a total Questa population of 1,770.
Our population density is a very low 345 per square mile.

82.09% of our residents are of Hispanic origin, with family histories generally traced back one hundred and fifty or more years in the Questa area.

Almost 18% of our population is of non-Hispanic descent, mostly Anglo origin, with very small numbers of Native American, African American, and Asian origin.

Only .09% of our residents are foreign born (New Mexico as a whole equals a low 9.3%).

Our population is nearly even in numbers of Male and female residents, with a median age of 44.3.

For our population over 15 years of age;
31.5% are never married
45.4% are now married
4% are separated
13.3% are divorced
5.9% are widowed

Re. education, for population over 25 years of age;
80.2% have a high school or higher level of schooling
11.5% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
2.5% have graduate or professional degrees

Our unemployment rate is 11.8%

Roughly 35% of households have children under the age of 18 living with them.  Approximately 49% are married couples living together.  Apprx. 13% of households have  a female head-of-house with no husband present.   Apprx. 25% of all households are made up of individuals.  Our average household size is apprx. 2.50, and the average family size is 3.00.

The largest age group within our population is that between the ages of 45 and 65.  This age group also saw the most growth in the small non-Hispanic-origin demographic.

The estimated median household income in 2011 was $27,886, a rise over 2000’s $23,448.  (This is rather lower than the overall New Mexico average at $41,963.)

Estimated per capita income for 2011 was $17,251.

Roughly 22% of our population is living below the poverty line, with a slightly larger percent for children.

Estimated median home values for 2011 were $113,698. (A rise from $80,500 in 2000, though lower than the overall New Mexico median of $159,000.)

Median real-estate property taxes for housing units with a mortgage in 2011 were $277, and for homes with a mortgage; $456.

The Independent Social Research Foundation wishes to support independent-minded researchers to explore and present original research ideas which take new approaches, and suggest new solutions, to real world social problems. TheIndependent Social Research Foundation(ISRF) and theJournal for the Theory of Social Behaviour(JTSB) intend to award a prize of CHF 7,000 for the best essay on a topic within the area of social behaviour and its investigation.


Any topic within the area of social behaviour and its investigation.  Authors are free to choose both their topic and title.


The Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) and the Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour(JTSB)


A prize of CHF 7,000 for the best essay.


31 March 2017


  • Authors are free to choose the topic they wish to write on, and their title. The winning essay will be selected from the following: ALL articles accepted for publication in the JTSB since 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015); from 1 April 2015, those articles accepted for publication by the JTSB where the author chooses, at submission, the option additionally to be considered for the Prize (this allows but does not require articles to have an essay-type style and format); and the field of essays submitted following the advertised Call in March 2016.
  • The essay will be judged on its originality and independence of thought, its scholarly quality, its potential to challenge received ideas, and the success with which it matches the criteria of the ISRF and the JTSB. The successful essay will be intellectually radical, orthogonal to existing debates, and articulate a strong internal critique across the fields of social science research. Its challenge to received ideas will have the potential to provoke a re-thinking of the topic.
  • The ISRF is interested in original research ideas that take new approaches and suggest new solutions, to real world social problems. The full statement of the ISRF’s criteria and goals may be viewed
  • The JTSB aims to advance understandings of social behaviour, that is, people acting in relation to, or being constituted through, the social world of other people, institutions, and material and symbolic culture. More detail about the Journal and recent debates can be found on the Journal’s website.
  • Essays selected for the shortlist by the Editors and the ISRF will be judged by a joint ISRF-JTSB academic panel (the ISRF Essay Prize Committee). The panel’s decision will be final, and no assessments or comments will be made available. The result will be notified to applicants by email during July 2017, and will then be announced by posting on the websites of the ISRF and of the JTSB. The ISRF and the JTSB reserve the right not to award the Prize if there is no essay judged to be of sufficient merit.
  • Authors must indicate in an accompanying letter to the Editors that they wish their essay to be considered for the prize when submitting.
  • Essay format:Follow the JTSB Author Guidelines, available on the JTSB website.
  • Essay length: 10,000 words, all inclusive.
  • Language:English
  • Submissions should be made online here.




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