Maurice Baring Bibliography

A Plea to TE Lawrence re the Memory of Albert Ball

(LAWRENCE, T.E) Baring, Maurice.

Autograph Letter signed ("Maurice Baring") to T.E. LAWRENCE.

Half-Way House / Steyning Road, Rottingdean: 4 October 1933.

2 pp in ink on personal letterhead. 1 vols. 4to. A Plea to TE Lawrence re the Memory of Albert Ball. Very good. Item #211411

Baring discusses the recent appearance of and furor over a new book on the WW I flying ace Albert Ball, [CAPTAIN ALBERT BALL VC DS, by RH Kiernan], which Baring considers "a noble tribute to a great boy. His father Sir Albert Ball Mayor of Nottingham, misreading it, has seen red & considers it a slander on his son and an insult to the RAF."

Baring continues, "To me this is as if the Spartan fathers had considered Simonides' epitaph [on the fallen Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae] ... a slur ... " Noting that Ball had spoken critically to the press about the book, Baring asks Lawrence if he might consider reading it and giving his opinion.

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Baring's Credo

Baring, Maurice.

Autograph Letter, signed ("Maurice Baring") to an unidentified author whose book Baring is reviewing.

6, North Street, Westminster: May 3, 1910.

4 pp. in ink on recto and verso of 2 sheets of personal stationery. 1 vols. 4to. Baring's Credo. Very good. Item #225162

A fine, rambling, philosophical letter from the poet and author Maurice Baring (1874-1945) discussing politics (socialism), H.G. Wells, Huxley, materialism, Catholicism, Russia, and God. "I have finished your book. It has delighted me. I think it is one of the most interesting I have ever read. I am going to write the review tomorrow. I see nothing wrong with your politics; although I don't believe socialism would be a real remedy for the appalling injustice of things which exists now. An ideal socialism, yes, but I mean I agree with H.G. Wells in his view (?) that if the 'Minority Report' people had their way we should be guarded like prisoners by wardens. I distrust the people who 'run' the poor. I agree still less with your religion. I am a catholic; but I have been an agnostic ... " Speaking of his Catholicism, he writes "it is, to me, a bridge to the Infinite ... To me the arguments for materialism are more difficult to believe than the arguments for a divine Providence. And I agree with Huxley that if materialism is true there is not reason why we should talk of morality ... "

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