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Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics in many organizations improve both productivity and employee satisfaction. Many work organizations tend to have a growing trend of implementing new work teams. These teams in turn are largely having an affect on what the new business world is all about. These "teams" are already being put into action, but how do teams come together and how do they work? Explained in the course of this document is the what, how, and why's of teams in the work place.

Teams are defined as a collection of individuals who exist in a larger social system, such as an organization (Guzzo, & Dickson, 1996). As a collaborative group they are able to bring to the table many creative ideas. Team members must work cooperatively with each other to achieve the best possible results. Individuals are forced to discover different approaches to problem solving. These different approaches then allow for ideal functioning of work productivity. Teams are formed to accomplish what individuals can not do on their own. Individual ideas can then be elaborated and enhanced with numerous points of view. Organized individuals can complete a whole or a part of a project. Sorting out the parts of a project to the individuals furthers the improvement of greater, newer concepts. A team's success requires its members to have the right skills, lending effective resources and a supportive environment (Levi, 2001) Teams as a whole are just a concept in themselves. The theory of how a team works collectively is further explained when examining the skills of the individual.

Teams permit a stronger emphasizes on both social and technical aspects of work. Technical works include the equipment and process for producing goods and services. Social aspects include relationships among workers. Social cohesion reflects level in which team members enjoy each others company (Sachs, 2002). Working within the social realm, individuals can pool resources from their own paradigms to further their work concepts.

To get a further understanding of team dynamics it is important to comprehend how they are formed. Team development occurs in five stages. Forming a team is the first step in this process. Team members coming together for the first time are uncertain how other team members will react to their ideas. Once team members are together sharing ideas, they experience conflicts with each others ideas.

The next stage is norming; in this stage team members establish a sense of cohesiveness. Group cohesion forms a strong union between team members to achieve a collective goal. According to Robert Weinberg, "task cohesion reflects a degree to which members of a group work together to achieve common goals". The teams' ability to stay together and complete their goals is increased by norms.

In the performing stage of developing team relations, members...

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Throughout personal and business lives everyone will eventually work in a team setting. A team usually consists of three or more people who have a common goal or purpose. When working in a team, members have to decide what roles they will fill, plan their schedules for projects, and deal with upcoming team conflicts. Stewart, Sims & Manz (1999) stated, “For a team to succeed, team members need to effectively communicate with one another” (p. 79). While each element of teamwork is important, effective communication is the cornerstone to team dynamics.
One of the main elements of effective communication is open discussions. Everyone on the team needs to be willing to share his or her point of view. De Janasz, Dowd & Schneider (2002)…show more content…

Once the team has achieved open communication the team members will be more willing to encourage each other, which will lead to more creativity and risk taking. This creativity will be achieved by trusting that the communication will be heard, discussed and tried if it will help the team reach its goals. Temme and Katzel (1995) wrote that “risk taking plays a major role in the creative process.” Trust and open communication will lead to brainstorming and sharing of ideas between the team members. Therefore, team members must try new things to see if the ideas presented will benefit the ultimate outcome and help achieve the final goal.
Eventually every team will have a conflict. Since conflict is inevitable, effective communication is vital for the team success. The team needs to figure out what the conflict is, what needs to be done to get the team going again, what the options are and how they will solve the conflict in a way that is beneficial to the team (University of Phoenix, 2004). Without effective communication, this process of conflict resolution would fail. The team members would not be willing to share their point of view, teamwork would stall, and the conflict would escalate. Once a conflict escalates, the team will have a hard time coming back together and trusting each other to accomplish the set goals. The team must be able to communication openly and discuss solutions

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