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Welcome to the Design and Technology department
We offer a wide range of technology subjects including Graphics, Resistant Materials, System & Control, Food & Nutrition, Textiles and Child Development. We want students to develop skills in thinking, independence and practical work whilst creating new and exciting products.

We believe the strength within our department comes from having specialist teachers who are enthusiastic about their own subjects’ areas. The department currently comprises of five members of teaching staff and two technicians.

Our department GCSE results have improved year on year for the last six. Last year as a department we achieved 73% A* - C grade. GCSE coursework is a particular strength within the department.

The department has specialist Graphics Room, Material Workshop, Digital Control Lab, Textiles Room and Catering kitchens. All the DT rooms have a number of computers available for students to use within lesson to support their development.

Students are given a wide variety of topics to work on. There is a lot of scope for personal choice within these projects. The GCSE subjects allow pupils to complete major piece of controlled assessment of their own choice within the criteria given by exam board.

There is a huge range of extra-curricular club on offer in DT at both lunch time and after school sessions. We organise a number of school visits to enhance curriculum, visits to the Clothes Show, 3D print show and the Big Bang have been a real success.

Mr T Stafford
Subject Leader: Geography

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Geography at Neatherd builds on students’ own experiences to enable them to make sense of the complex and dynamically changing world in which we live. Teaching and learning seeks to stimulate an interest in and a sense of wonder about places and people at all levels, from the personal to the global. We aim to encourage questioning, investigation and critical thinking about issues that affect students' lives, now and in the future. The department strives to inspire students to become global citizens by exploring their own place in the world and their values and responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet. We endeavour to foster a lifelong love of geography through varied activities inside and outside the classroom.

Staff are enthusiastic, supportive and highly motivated to help ensure all students enjoy Geography. We are forward-thinking and committed to the sharing of ideas and resources. This is reflected by the continued popularity of the subject at GCSE, where students consistently perform exceptionally well.

Fieldwork is an integral element of the department’s success. Fun, engaging and varied trips are embedded throughout Key Stages 3 and 4. These range from shorter trips to Wells, Overstrand, Wroxham and Holkham through to London and even as far as Iceland for those who choose geography at GCSE.

The department strives to produce innovative lessons which consistently incorporate ICT to further enhance student learning. Schemes of work enable students to develop their use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) through the use of Google Earth. Key Stage 4 students are provided with support on Edmodo and resources are available for all students at the department’s website.


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