Essay On Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Concepts and Theory, Such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Cpted) and Other Such Preventative Programs.

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First to start developing the item on the prevention of crime we must have the concept that is a crime. The crime can be defined as the action consisting of acting or doing, is a positive, which implies that the person or agent performs one or more body movements and commits the violation of the law by itself, or by instruments, mechanisms or persons. We can also define the action as characteristic unlawful and guilty. For the commission of the crime must exist: Will: The will, by the active subject of the offense. It is the intention itself. Activity: This is the do or act. It is the…show more content…

Regarding Spanish analysts believe that the repressive activity represents a form of prevention, because the reality is that prevention and suppression are the same thing. Discovery leads irreversibly to the arrest, stated that they should involve the police in preventing some people avoid becoming victims of violations. We can identify these concepts THROUGH some specialists agree a common approach and review of prevention, on the contrary others diverge in certain aspects, taking into account both individual characteristics and conditions
Every certain time, possibly years 5 and 0, UN holds meetings where issues are discussed prisons, juvenile offenders, victims, crime and others. The opinions arising from such claim to provide international solutions, for bringing together "experts" in various subjects to make their views known, so they are chosen for applicability to participating nations (United States). It is titled 'Resolution with agreements that are of a constitutional level of Member States.
So is the concern of the UN and Criminology on the causes of crime, drug addiction, the processes that cause poverty, lack of education, economic and social development and that these end in the absence of evolution of nations and that generate large vulnerable groups. The UN is conducting its offices across the work of the antisocial and etiological ways to treat and prevent. United Nations recognizes as

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Essay on Approaches to crime prevention

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Approaches to crime prevention have emerged over time and are demonstrated in different solutions, practices, and policies executed by law enforcement, courts, corrections, family, and community. Some of the dominant approaches to crime prevention currently used by law enforcement, courts, corrections, family, and community are: situational crime prevention, crime prevention through social development, crime prevention through environmental design, community crime prevention, reduction of recidivism, and policing. In this essay, I will compare and contrast the dominant approaches used for crime prevention and analyze which approaches are most effective. I will identify and apply at least four approaches used in law enforcement,…show more content…

Usually the benefits of committing the crime outweigh the benefits of not committing the crime. The criminals look for easy targets that pose a low risk of being caught, but have a good benefit in return (Worrall, 2008). The routine activity approach states that in order for a crime to occur these elements must be present: an offender motivated to commit the crime, an easy target, and minimal risk of being detected or caught (Worrall, 2008). This approach focuses on how everyday life or daily routines lead to crime. The four methods that are used to manipulate the environment: access control, surveillance, activity support, and motivation reinforcement (Worrall, 2008). Access control means make access difficult for potential crime by locking all doors and windows. Surveillance examples can be installing security cameras and increasing street lighting. Activity support takes the members of the community working together and interacting with each other through community activities (Worrall, 2008). Motivation reinforcement works hand to hand with activity support through building a good rapport with the members of the community (Worrall, 2008). Situational crime prevention has shown to reduce crime immediately with little displacement (Tilley, 2013).
Crime prevention through social development focuses on preventing the risk factors for the potential for

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