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Michael Brandt y Derek Haas responsables de guiones como “Se busca”, “El tren de las 3:10” o “A todo gas 2” regresan con este thriller policíaco titulado “La sombra de la traición”, que arranca con el asesinato nocturno de un senador de Estados Unidos que lleva el sello distintivo de un asesino soviético, de nombre clave “Cassius”, obliga a un agente jubilado de la CIA, Paul Shepherdson, a formar equipo con un joven agente del FBI, Ben Geary, para resolver el caso, ya que para entrar en el FBI realizó una tesis doctoral sobre la figura del asesino ruso.

Hay algo que me atrae sobremanera sobre la figura de los asesinos con artilugios personales, como por ejemplo el nazi apodado “estilete” en “El ojo de la aguja” de Richard Marquand. En este caso tenemos a un ruso cuyo nombre en clave es “Cassius”, que te saja la yugular con un cable de metal con la facilidad con la que una hoja de papel cae al suelo. Además, eso de que encima forme un grupo que se hacen llamar “Los siete de Cassius” pues tiene una plusvalía argumental.

Una vez más estamos ante una desafortunada traducción del título original “The double”, que sería “El doble” que hace mención tanto a que hay un asesino que copia las maneras de asesinar de otro, como a que hay agentes dobles, vamos que el FBI tiene un topo en el seno de la organzación. En síntesis que el espectador está permanentemente ante un juego de apariencias.

Pero obviamente Brandt no es Thomas Alfredson y ambos guionistas dejan flecos que no se sostienen, de pronto pasan cosas para las que no hay explicación, o que de repente un personaje aparece como por arte de magia restándole toda brizna de verosimilitud. Así que para que nadie vaya engañado y el respetable se haga una idea de verdad, esta mezcla de thriller y espías está más cercana al trabajo realizado por el actor y director  Richard Benjamin en “Espías sin identidad”, tanto a nivel formal como argumental.

Michael Brandt no se puede quejar porque ha contado con dos grandes pesos pesados como son Richard Gere y Martin Sheen, a los que dirige bien y no están sobreactuados. Por su parte, Topher Grace que hasta ahora había lidiado con papeles de guaperas jovenzuelo aquí tiene un papel complejo en el que está correcto pero no llega a lucirse.

Así que cuando uno sale de ver este largometraje no deja de pensar que gran película se podría haber realizado si le hubieran dado un par de vueltas más al guión, y se hubieran limado aspectos como engarzar las situaciones o haber desarrollado arcos más verosímiles. Así las piezas de este puzzle hubieran quedado mejor encajadas y hubiera cobrado todo el sentido y la lógica del mundo. Y, desde luego, si llegan a jugar con los nombres de los senadores romanos y le hubieran dado una coherencia interna real hubiera sido una película brillante.

Frases destacadas:
Tom Highland:“Es Cassius, ha vuelto”
Tom Highland:“Los jubilados pierden ciertos privilegios”
Paul Shepherdson:“Se supone que los espías no tienen costumbres”
Paul Shepherdson:“Agente Geary. ¿Por qué uno escribe una tesos sobre Cassius para entrar en el FBI y no en la CIA?”
Brutus:“Nos entrenó a todos a su manera”
Paul Shepherdson:“Respeto sería lo último que sentiría hacía un criminal como él”

Calificación: 4

OK, the Tomas-Silvia outing is set for Friday and he insists on paying. He also offers to snog her on the park bench, but she laughingly resists…sorry all, but she looks like she's enjoying it…at least until Pru shows up to make a scene.  Don't be calling Silvia a "golfa!" (Three guesses what that means, and you'll only need one.  Drink!)  Can Silvia sue her for that?  I'd watch those court proceedings.  Pru calls Tomas her "EX-novio" and stands on the bench to shout out to all the passersby that no, he's her AMANTE (lover), because the lady here is MARRIED, is she not?  Even if it won't be for much longer.  Silvia's watching this in fascination.  Tomas calls her out for going to Aldonza's house last night and says she's a hypocrite because he's her AMANTE!  AMANTE!  AMANTE!  His unseemly behavior drives Pru away and drives Tomas and Silvia into gales of laughter.

Lola wants to know why Pato told Mari about swallowing the ring, but he didn't did it!  He thinks maybe someone over heard at the clinic.  At the clinic, Pato?  Really?  He can't understand why she has so much  "tirria" (dislike) for Mari when Mari always speaks so kindly of Lola.  Really, Pato?  You did just hear that Mari told everyone about Lola swallowing her engagement ring.  You think she did that kindly?  Two words, Pato…confidentiality and liability.  Think about it, Pato.  Lola hangs up before she can say something she'll regret.

Silvia is just coming into the office as Renato and Aldonza are getting ready to go over to the Ministerio Publico.  Dudes…don't have conversations in front of Mari's desk.  Mari gets really involved when she hears that Silvia was having coffee with her friend Tomas.  As they head into Renato's office to talk strategy before they go, Silvia and Aldonza start talking about Pru's escapades with the less-than-flash-y mob last night and how Tomas was yelling at her.  I swear, I can see Mari's ears stretching toward Renato's office.  I hope they close the door.  Or fire Mari.  I'm good either way.

Pru is furious that neither Cande nor Severiano has called to praise her for her brilliant move last night.  Val rolls her eyes at her.  Humberto comes in to physically shake Pru for last night's stupidity.  He wishes he could lock her up in a "psiquiátrico" (psychiatric hospital).  Pru brags that she wishes she had burned Aldonza alive.  That might be grounds, there…danger to others.  Hum blames Val for encouraging Pru and/or not stopping her.  Val says she didn't know what Pru was going to do, but it sure made her happy that she did it.  And off goes Val.  Pru blames Aldonza for the failure of their marriage and Hum says they're getting a divorce because he can't stand her anymore, and the biggest mistake of his life was marrying her.  She accuses him of selling himself to Severiano, but Hum says she's the one who made him sell his soul to the devil.  The phone rings and Hum snatches it out of her hand and tells her to stay put.  Since Val has already answered upstairs, Hum hears Severiano telling Val that they need to meet, urgently.  "Why the hell do you need to see my daughter?!  Answer me!"  I think they're going to break Humberto.

The cop gives Aldonza and crew the standard line.  "We can't do anything.  There's no proof."  I assume this is about the shooting and not the mob.  Renato accuses him of not wanting to look for proof.  Well, he was already looking and Sev was at home all night.  OK, so, since it wasn't Sev, they're done investigating?

Humberto is still waiting for an answer.  "Valeria's expecting my grandchild, so we have several things to discuss."  Humberto tells him to stay away.  He goes running upstairs, Pru hot on his heels.

Since Sev's lawyer prepared an "amparo" (writ of protection)…Silvia interrupts to say he did that for a reason.  "I told you, there's no proof."  Aldonza is understandably furious that there's never any proof, he does all kinds of nasty stuff and "para variar" (literally "for a change" but it's used sarcastically) he always goes free,  they never lock him up, because they don't want to, they don't want to see justice done.  The cop demands respect.  Aldonza demands that he do his job, because nobody has ever shown her or her family any respect.

Hum tries to order Val to stay away from Severiano.  He tells her she can't trust him.  And if he's always been nice to her it's because he wants something from her.  She says he wants his grandchild to be healthy is all.  Humberto is frustrated that he's surrounded by people who won't listen to him.  And if Pru does one more stupid thing, he'll have her thrown in jail.

Speaking of…Aldonza turns to her legal team and says there's no point telling him what happened last night.  Renato insists and says they might as well give him the opportunity to do his job for once.  Silvia agrees.  Aldonza says she wants to press charges against Pru for bringing a mob to her house to try to "linchar" her (lynch…ok, that was probably obvious, but just in case you were wondering if that's really what they were saying).  "Oh.  That's different.  There's proof there."  See here, I didn't think it was the public's job to go after the proof, but hey, what do I know.

Pru also wants to know what Sev wants, but Val turns it around on her and says it's obviously because of what Pru got up to at Aldonza's last night.  And now she needs to go wash up.  To prepare for Sev's visit.  *barf*

As the head cop asks someone else to step into the office, Emmanuel is brought in.  Aldonza gapes at him through the glass.

Pato asks Mari how she heard about the ring.  She blames it on Silvia talking with her door open.  Pato!  That still doesn't make it ok!  Mari tries to claim that she just congratulated Lola, is all.  She hugs him and asks him to forgive her.  "Te juro que te deseo--" (I swear, I want you--) Pato is alarmed. "Te deseo todo la felicidad del mundo con Lola" (I wish you all the happiness in the world with Lola.)  Mari's lips keep moving and she keeps clinging to Pato.  Seriously, Pato?

Emmanuel and Aldonza are trying to catch up, but the cops keep trying to haul Emmanuel down to the cells.  Finally Renato puts a stop to everyone talking over everyone else by declaring "I'm his lawyer."  Dude, you're everybody's lawyer.  Are we drinking every time The Law Offices of Silvia and Those Other Two (TM Sara) get a new client?  I'm going to.  Well, since Renato is his lawyer, they will announce to the entire police station that he's accused of theft. He stole Sev's horse.  Aldonza facepalms and then rolls her eyes, which I think is a little judgmental, coming from her.

Don Tony and Vero have arrived in town.  He tells Vero to check into the hotel while he goes to the police station.

The head cop tells Renato he can't talk to Em until after he gives his declaration.  Uh, isn't that the point of having a lawyer?  Head cop (for the love of…will somebody tell me this guy's name?) says he wants to continue their conversation about Pru and her merry mob of miscreants.  Well, now Aldonza is too worried about Emmanuel to continue.  Don Tony hears the name, enters the office, and makes some new friends.  They all start trying to talk to each other about Emmanuel and…screw it, I asked Mr. 5ft to give our head cop a name.  Thinking of all the British crime dramas we've seen, the first thing that popped into his head was "DI" which stands for Detective Inspector…but I'm calling this guy Detective Incompetente.  Anyway, Det. Incompetente asks them if they're going forward with pressing charges (on Pru) or not.  Since they say "yes," Aldonza ends up walking Don Tony out to the waiting room…while the lawyers take care of it?  Uh, ok.

Solitario gets taken back to Las Animas. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  The cops check the (forged) papers and Sev tells Jacinto and Mudo to take Solitario back to the stables and give him a checkup…to see if they're going to have to kill him or not.  Cris…dear, sweet, ineffectual, pushover Cris, suddenly locates his spine and shows up to say that nobody is touching that horse!  "And spread the word.  Anybody who touches him, I'll shoot 'em myself.  I don't care who it is."  Sev mockingly says they've heard "the boss."  "Besides, the horse isn't responsible for what happened.  It's the thief who's going to have to pay the consequences."  Cris says that remains to be seen as well.  Please, Cris keep hold of that backbone!

Aldonza sings Renato's legal praises to Don Antonio…he's handling charges against Sev, and her divorce, and another set of charges they just brought.  Sounds kinda sketchy when you put it that way, Al.  Aha, well, any enemy of Sev's is a friend of Don Antonio's!  Woo hoo!  Team Legal got permission for Aldonza to go see Em.  She introduces Don Antonio to Silvia and Renato, and then Vero, "Emmanuel's Novia," shows up and Aldonza gives her a semi-stink eye.  I shake my head in her general direction.

Val is primping.  What?  I said primping.  With an r.  Ignoring the dialogue.  Pru is suspicious.  She reminds Val that Humberto trusted him and ended up being Sev's puppet.  Val calls to apologize for her dad's "bad manners."  Sev says they need to be in very…close…contact.  And it can't be in public.  He gives her an address…. *barf*

Silvia calls Pato back at the office to give him an update and tell him about Emmanuel.  She thinks he should tell Lola, but Pato doesn't look too happy about that.

Sev goes back to the scene of the crime.  Or, uh, the last crime?  Or would that be the river?  Anyway, he's at Simoneta's pulling sheets off the furniture, having flashbacks, and getting struck by phantom limb pain.  He's still struggling when Val knocks.  She doesn't find it at all odd that she's in some random house in town.  She sees Simoneta's earring and says this must be where he brings all his lovers.  Sev explains about his phantom pain and Val starts hitting on him.  I can't even hear the dialogue over the screaming in my head.  Mr. 5ft mocks my distress.  The hard cider I'm drinking doesn't quiet the screaming.  Should've gone with tequila.

Detective Incompetente and his associate show up to arrest Pru for "agressión" (assault) and "daño en propiedad ajena" (damage to someone else's property).  "You can't arrest me for defending the rights of all the women in this town!"  The cop's response has me cackling and I'm sure I haven't had nearly as much booze as Pru…"Whatever.  Say it downtown."  Incompetente tells his associate to take charge of Pru.  I'm surprised she even handed the glass off to the maid.

Sev and Val.  He knows she shot Aldonza and he's pissed because he's getting blamed for it.  He's angry because she hasn't gotten El Santuario for him.  She announces it will be hers when Aldonza's lease is over.  Hands!  Hands!  He, uh, compliments her on her powers of manipulations.  The horror!  The horror!

Cris arrives to join the rest of Team Em.  He and Aldonza both say they think of Em as their brother.  My eyes went rolling of their own accord on that one.  Seriously, show…we get it!  We got it back at some episode in the single digits.  Cris is embarrassed about his dad's actions.  His father Severiano.  Don Ant refuses to shake his hand and Vero steps closer to Don Ant.  Renato tells Cris his presence is only hurting.  Cris tries to play the BFF card and announces it's HIS horse and if he doesn't press charges, there's no crime.  Too late, Cris.  Too late.

Lola tells Irma about her engagement.  She brings up Emmanuel, and just as Lola's saying she's never going to see him again anyway Pato shows up…to tell her that Em is back.  And he's been arrested for stealing Sev's horse.  Lola tries to pretend that's just plain interesting and she's not at all tempted to run out the door to find Em.  Irma helps her hold herself back.

Aldonza tells Em that it's Cris' horse and he's not going to press charges.  Sev can't do anything and Em will go free.  Em hugs her happily.  Aldonza tells him she met Don Ant and Em's, ahem, fiancee, Vero.  Oh, and BTW, Lola's going to marry Pato.  Em, get that look off your face!

Cris tries to have the charges dropped and Em freed, but Nava shows up with the papers of ownership for Soletario, with Cris' signature transferring ownership to Sev.  Cris now looks like a total ass.

Em mopes about Lola.  A guard comes to retrieve Aldonza.

Cris says he doesn't remember signing it.  Nava says what Sev told him to--that Cris doesn't pay attention to what's going on at the hacienda and signs things without reading them.  Cris says that's possible, but he would remember this.  Cris says it LOOKS like his signature, but he can't be sure.  He also can't be sure it's not.  Renato suggests a "peritaje caligráfico" (graphological analysis by an expert) to verify whether it's Cris' signature or not.  Det. Incompetente agrees, but says until that's complete, the horse legally belongs to Sev and the case will proceed.  Nava smirks.

Pato tells Lola TLOoSaToT is going to get Em out.  She pretends not to be concerned.  Pato says something about inviting Em to the movies?  "Pato…is he ok?"  Emmanuel?  "No, El Solitario."  Pato supposes he's back at Las Animas.  Lola goes to the back to cry, presumably, while Irma laments the tangled love tri--? Quad--?  Deca--?  The giant mess of love lives in an unidentifiable geometric shape.  That the younger set is…in.  What can I say, it defies logic, grammar, and mathematical definition.

Cris tells Aldonza this is fishy.  Aldonza acts like it's Cris' fault that she went back there and told Em he'd be set free and now he's going to be disappointed.  As they're wondering how this could happen without Cris realizing it.  Silvia asks if Sev would have faked his signature.  Don Antonio opines that Sev is capable of anything.  Ooh, tell us more, Don Ant!  Cris agrees that Don Ant is right, but he can't be sure.  Renato says maybe they need to think of another strategy.  Cris offers to put up the money for bail or whatever, but Don Ant says he'll do it.  Renato says they're waiting to clarify Em's situation first.  Everybody gets into an argument about who's going to go in and see Emmanuel.  Silvia says Aldonza has already been in and he really needs to see his lawyers, so….  Don Ant and Vero leave.  Cris asks Aldonza how she's doing after the mob scene yesterday.  Aldonza says she's fine and Renato adds that they pressed charges.  Cris is glad.  "I guess I have nothing more to do here."  He asks them to keep him posted and let Em know that Cris is on his side.

Cande visits the gynecologist to fish for HIPAA violation information and ask for a sedative because of Val's delicate state.  He says he thinks Val already changed doctors, because she hasn't been back to see him.

Val and Sev are exiting Simoneta's house when Cris walks up and asks QTH they're doing there.

Lola visits Solitario.  She chastises him for not taking Em far enough away…where she could have forgotten about him.  Mel watches.

"Or better yet, what are you doing here with Valeria?"  "What do you think we're doing here?"  Cris says he doesn't know, that's why he's asking.  He thinks it's weird to see them in the place where Sev brings his lovers.  "I guess that gossip Lola already told you who lives here."  Cris again demands to know what they were doing there alone.  Cris…I…well, I want to know, too, but I also don't want to know.  You know?  Sev says they're not doing anything.  He offered Val the house to live in with his grandchild. Cris gets all huffy that he said he'd take care of the baby.  Val starts to screech at him and he cuts her off.  He tells Sev he can't remember signing the papers for Solitario.  "I can't believe you would forge my signature."  Sev resorts to denial and outrage.  He crows that Em is going to go to jail and Val joins Sev in his glee.  She says that in the end everyone "agarra su nivel" (? Attain their expected level?  As in Em's "low" class so of course he would be in jail?).  Cris responds that he's glad she's clear on that, since that means she's not going to be surprised to hear that her mother was also arrested.  With that and a saucy smirk, he walks away.  The recapper cackles!

Pru tries to intimidate Detective Incompetente with her close association to Sev and Cande.  Blah, blah, blah, human rights violation, blah, blah, blah, self-defense, blah, blah, blah, she attacked ALL the women in town!  She's stolen all our husbands!  "I doubt that." Word, DI!  I've just got the one husband, but seriously, that's plenty!  "It's in her blood!  Like her mother!  Don't you remember her!"  Det. Incompetente says Aldonza isn't like her mother, and even if what Pru says is true, what she did is a crime.  Pru says ALL the women in town were there.  "20 or 30 isn't the whole town."  Pru says there were men too and they should ALL be arrested…but she doesn't know their names.  So she'll have to be all alone in her cell.  Oh, please don't lock her up near Emmanuel!  That's cruel and unusual punishment!

Val calls Humberto and tells him to get a lawyer for Pru.  Humberto says he won't lift a finger for her.  The recapper cackles!  He hopes Pru will learn her lesson.  She committed a crime.  Val says he's obligated to help her.  "I can't.  I'm not a lawyer or a psychiatrist.  Those are the only ones who can help your mother right now."  The recapper cackles louder!  Val throws a tantrum and Sev soothes her. *barf*

Cris joins Lola and Solitario.  He knows Lola misses Em.  She's dying to know how he's doing.  Cris tells her to ask Aldonza and says The Lawyers will defend Em and Cris will do what he can, even if it means going against his dad.  Lola reminds him that Sev wanted Solitario killed, so Em saved his life.  Cris tells Lola about seeing Sev and Val at Simoneta's old house.  Lola thinks that's weird.  She hasn't heard anything from Simoneta, still.  It's as if the earth swallowed her up.  Cris really wants to find her.  He thinks it's time to get to the bottom of this.

Aldonza, Det. Incompetente, Silvia, and Renato go to the cells so that Aldonza can identify Pru as the woman who threw rocks at her house, tried to burn it down, and incited others to "agredir" (attack) her.  "You had it coming!"  Shut up, Pru.  No, on second thought…keep talking!  "That's how we treat sluts like you [two], fire and rocks, so you learn not to take what's not yours!"  She keeps spewing trash and mocking Renato as he escorts Aldonza out.  Silvia checks with Det. Incompetente (because, hello, "incompetente") and asks if he's now satisfied that they have the ringleader of the lynch mob.  And guess what?  When someone else does his job for him, DI is able to come to the correct conclusion!  Pru's still spewing.  Aldonza comes back to tell Pru she's not leaving town and sooner or later, she'll get El Santuario back.  Vocab: "pellifora" (prostitute), "barragana" (concubine), "gamberras" (troublemakers)…and was it "perfidas" (betraying) or "perdidas" (lost)?  In any case, whatever you've got on hand, might as well drink it all, 'cause I didn't catch the half of the thesaurus Pru was reciting there under the entry for "slut."  Incompetente tells her to shut up and quit throwing the rope around her own neck.  For that he gets rewarded with "corrupto" (corrupt), "vendido" (sell-out), "satrapa" (subordinate? Middle-manager? Minor official?), "malnacido" ("badly born"; bastard), "oligofrenico" (an archaic term and most likely a slur for someone with an intellectual disability).

Wow.  Seriously, y'all, I did not know they printed vocabulary words on the side of booze bottles.  I really did not.

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