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Violent staccatos of the jackhammer coupled with rhythmic pounding of nails and muffled obscenities comprise the symphony of the construction site that has been my father’s accompaniment more than half of his life. While initially a position as a laborer seemed appealing to a junior in high school, strenuous physical labor loses its glamour to a man eclipsing fifty with a son about to enter college. As I battled through high school, I always found myself using my father as a blueprint to build me into the person I am today. If I could have only one friend for the rest of my life, I would choose my father; he has taught me lessons that I will never forget as long as I live. 

My father will be the first one to admit that he regrets postponing college and has always instilled in me the importance of education. I see the importance of education every night in the scratches and calluses on his hands and the ache in his knees. After every scholarship or award I receive, my father firmly shakes my hand and I tacitly promise to ease his pain. As I fill out my college applications, I officially become the first member of my family to apply to college immediately after high school. I broke the chain because while my friends spent summer at the beach, I worked to save money for my future. While my friends honed their wakeboarding skills, I discovered my passion for politics on the campaign trail. I never faltered because every night I gazed into a set of the proudest eyes before I went to bed. 

I remember that several weeks after my parents attended my middle school graduation, I had the enormous honor of congratulating my father after he realized his dream and got a college diploma, albeit 30 years overdue. My father’s college diploma reminds me that, no matter how bleak a situation may appear, I have the power to better it through diligence. As a freshman, my school resembled more accurately a 3 year-old construction site with tradition and identity yet to be established. However, rather than become discouraged, I took the initiative to pioneer Mock Trial, Speech and Debate and Junior State of America—things of which my father nor my school had never heard. In a school stained with prejudice, I co-founded Unity Through Diversity to advocate tolerance of all races, sexual orientations and faiths. In a community bitterly divided by political affiliation and marred by apathy, I spearheaded the Junior State of America to promote intelligent political discourse and activism. In a school with zero football victories, our freshman Mock Trial team gave the school championship trophies and pride.

My father is not only a member of my family; he is a friend who I can talk to after a tough day. With the clock ticking down until I leave home for college and my father working longer days and weeks, I relish every moment with him. However, I also realize that I must stand on my own. It is not my father’s responsibility to make sure that I get what I want out of life; I must do this independently. As I say my final farewell to my father, I will forever remember that he has given me tools, but it is my job to use them to craft my future.

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Father's Influence

Throughout our life we come across a person who changes the viewpoint of our life so we shall benefit from it. For me, both my parents have had a continuous impact on my life, but my father has had the most extensive one. Even though he is a workaholic, he has always had time to come to parent meetings, my sports matches and many other activities that other parents shrug off.

Even though I despised being put into the sports I had been in as a child, I am happy that my dad had forced me into being an active member of them. Even though I was not always the best player, my dad made me feel as if I was by the small but important things he did. Many times would lose, but in return instead of being put down he would cheer me up by either buying me something I wanted or taking me somewhere where we could enjoy ourselves. Even though he always knew that my team would rarely win, he always kept registering me in hopes of getting better. In this manner he instilled in me the determination to keep trying and never give up.

My father has also been an important source of information and inspiration for me. Many times we have had late nights because he would be explaining a math problem to me or we would be working on a science project. He has always put me ahead of himself and provided me with the things I need to excel. In other ways he also acts as a motivator for me since he has come so far in his as well. Studying in India, he overcame many challenges to become a recognized engineer where he is now. For that I am grateful because he has insinuated the same qualities he has in me so that I can succeed.

Everything my dad has done for me has made me who I am today. Most things in life I have learned from him and hopefully I can apply those in life to what I aspire to become. He has always impressed me with his patience, dedication and other qualities that I believe have been ingrained within me. Even if next year I will be miles away from my home, I will always have my dad next to my side.

do not mention ur father as a workaholic...ur next few lines contradict it...
as an indian can understand wat u r tryin to convey...:-)

I think it's weak. You describe some things, but you don't say what the meaning behind it is; and so a person thinks you are mentioning off topic things that don't seem to make sense or fit in, with the conspicuous absence of an explanation linking the metaphors tightly and with emphasis to the decisions your father made. Besides that, it doesn't really appear out what it is that your father showed you to make him such an appreciated influence on your life. I mean, an engineer talking math problems with his son??? Can you get any more distant from the point of this all -- illustrating those personal values and qualities he had that made a lasting impression on you as a grown up now. You don't just add the affirmation that he was self-less or this and that, or why write the essay. You're supposed to talk about the personal side of your father and how he was great because of x certain demeanor and y certain mysterious behavior that you figured out to be a manifestation of the quality. It's not the best attempt to mention math problems and generalities so broad, they could be true of any old father to his son. You basically avoid providing us with a view from dad's side, that would brush thoughts into pictures and feelings that we can feel and imagine.

thanks, do you think i should make it more specific then?

you are contradicting yourself when you say your father is a workaholic.
overall i think the essay is really weak and you should go back and try to make your sentence structures stronger.

Many times my team lost, w but instead of being put down he would cheer me up by either buying me something I wanted or taking me somewhere where we could enjoy ourselves.

Most of my important lessons are lessons I learned from him, and ...

... what I aspire to become. ----what is it that you aspire to become? I think that is the most important topic. Show how his influence prepares you for success in one of the top 3 fields that most interest you.


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