Fema Mission Assignments

This page provides a billing and reimbursement checklist to be used as a reference by other Federal agencies tasked under FEMA mission assignments. 


I. Invoice

  • Treasury Approved Form such as SF1080, SF1081, 4445R

II. Mission Assignment Transmittal Form

Mission Assignment Transmittal Form to include:

  • Agency Name and Remittance Address
  • Fiscal Point of Contact
  • Mission Assignment #, Disaster #, and State
  • Agency Bill Number
  • Bill Amount
  • Partial/Final Bill Designation
  • Agency Certifying Official Signature (Program/Finance)

III. Supporting Documentation to include:

  • Copy of MA form (FEMA Form 010-0-8), or identification of MA number on other documentation
  • Breakdown of costs by sub-object class code
  • Description of services performed
  • Period of Performance
  • Personnel Services
         a.Regular* or OT labor w/breakdown of hours
         b.Indirect Cost ** (%, description of costs included in cost pool)
  • Travel/Per Diem and Transportation
  • Contract Services (Contract #, name, cost, purpose)
  • Property/Equipment Purchase, provide the following information:
  1. Expendable Property, separate identification not required
  2. Non-expendable property or Sensitive items, separate identification is required to include description of item, vendor name, unit cost, and serial number or other unique identification
  3. Verification of Disposition for items listed in (b.), Property Disposition Form must be included to verify:
    • If OFA is seeking full reimbursement from FEMA for purchases, the property must be in FEMA's possession.
    • If OFA keeps any of the property purchased, the invoice must reflect a reduction for those items maintained by the OFA.
    • If property is donated to an OFA or other third party, verification of such an agreement must be provided in writing and submitted to FEMA with invoice.

IV. Property/Equipment Leases: description of item, vendor name, unit cost

V. Motor Vehicle Charges

VI. Other Offices/Agency charges

VII. "Other Costs" must be defined, Cost transfers must be defined and supported

VIII. Special Requirements

  • For Direct Federal Assistance MAs, the OFA must indicate the date, time, and location where the work was actually performed. This is necessary for proper billing of the state cost share associated with DFA MAs
  • *Regular labor of permanent federal agency personnel and overhead costs are not eligible for reimbursement except when costs incurred would normally be paid from a trust, revolving, or other fund whose reimbursement is required by law. The Financial Manager of the agency requesting reimbursement for these costs must provide written certification with the bill, stating that costs would normally be paid from a trust, revolving, or other fund whose reimbursement is required by law.
  • **Agencies that qualify and may be seeking reimbursement must submit certified annual overhead rate proposals to FEMA OCFO for approval prior to billing. OMB Circular A-87 should be used as a guide for this purpose. Indirect cost pools must be defined to explain how the costs are derived and applied. Indirect rates should be negotiated with FEMA annually.
  • The cost of federal assistance provided by agencies performing work pursuant to disaster assistance authorities independent of the Stafford Act are not eligible for reimbursement.

IX. Billing Instructions

  • Reimbursement requests can be forwarded to FEMA monthly, regardless of the bill amount
  • Agencies should submit a final bill as soon as possible after completion of operational work, or upon termination of MA
  • Separate reimbursement requests are required for each MA (44CFR206.8(d)(3))
  • IPAC agencies should bill ALC 70-07-0002 and ensure supporting documentation is promptly forwarded to support the amounts billed to FEMA Finance Center, PO Box 9001,Winchester, VA 22604, or via e-mail to FEMA-Disaster-Federal-Agencies-Payment@fema.dhs.gov.
  • For additional, specific billing information contact David Williams of the FFC at (540) 504-1774.
  • Source documents should be retained for 6 years and 3 months after final payment

X. References

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