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As a former personal assistant to Hollywood A-listers, millionaires, billionaires, and even royalty, I'm often asked by aspiring personal assistants about breaking into the business. The first thing one must assess is whether or not the change of pace will work for your personality.

The personal assistant role outside of a traditional corporate environment is quite different from working in an office. The nice thing about the office job is that it is relatively predictable. The hours are usually set and the support staff are the same. However; when working for the wealthy as a Personal Assistant - sometimes called "Lifestyle Manager" - it can be quite unpredictable.

High net worth families and the jet-set crowd often follow every whim and random impulse because they can afford it....anyone for lunch in Paris? For that reason, leaving town at a moment's notice is not only possible, it's almost standard operating procedure when working for the uber rich.

If all of this sounds like it's right for you, perhaps your dream job is just around the corner. As a Personal Assistant, aka Administrative Assistant, you probably have the necessary administrative skills.

The celebrity Personal Assistant role often requires the same type of skills; however, many aspiring assistants who have the dream don't always have the drive. If you're married or have children, the high-end-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants Personal Assistant positions are probably out of the question. Living out of a suitcase, even though you're staying at five-star hotels, isn't for the feint-hearted.

When I worked for the Saudi Royal family; for example, it was common practice to do 12 to 16 hour days, 7 days a week, for months at a time. I had to manage multiple households, private jets, support staff (nannies, security, drivers, etc.), and children. And this is the short list.

You may be asking yourself how much it costs to have someone at your beck and call. Contrary to popular belief, not all Personal Assistants who are working for an executive, high net worth family, actor, or sports figure are making big money. It depends on a long list of factors; namely experience, workload, responsibility level, and a little luck. Some Personal Assistant jobs pay US$10 an hour, and some pay US$150,000 a year.

The entertainment industry usually pays the least because the number of applications celebrities receive is overwhelming - thousands per year. The best kept secret: working for high net worth families because they pay more and are infinitely more stable; job-wise anyway.

The thing to note is that the Celebrity Personal Assistant life is not like the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". Hollywood loves salacious fodder but the reality is far different. Wealthy entrepreneurs and business moguls don't scream at or abuse their assistants.

In theory, if the assistant is driven to quit their job, then the employer has to start from scratch to recruit and train a replacement. For that reason, they don't want to be mean to their assistant. Moreover; getting quality talent would be impossible at any price if the job holder is going to be frequently ridiculed. That doesn't mean you're not going to be worked hard and have overwhelming pressure, because you will, so know that.

The final and most important piece of advice I can give about landing a high-end Personal Assistant job is don't rely on just your local employment agency. If you are going to apply for a job that is already posted, that means 500 or even 1000 others have already done so.

Getting your resume to stand out will be next to impossible. Do some homework and find out which executives and high net worth families live in your area. Send your cover letter and resume (CV) to them directly. They may be hiring or even thinking of replacing someone they have on staff. The best way to beat your competition is not to have to compete at all. If you can get your resume in the hands of decision-makers, you increase your chance of getting hired, exponentially.

Author Bio
Celebrity personal assistant Brian Daniel has worked with Hollywood A-list, millionaires, billionaires, and even royalty. He now owns The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, located online at www.FindCelebrityJobs.com. Brian places personal assistants in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, and Chicago. He recently completed with book "The Celebrity Personal Assistant Survival Guide" and also consults aspiring personal assistants about breaking into the high-level market.


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Personal Assistant Cover Letter

A strong resume and a cover letter that will help you in making an outstanding impact on the employer are essential to get you jobs. Even if you have all the required qualifications and the skills, most of the times they may not get noticed by the recruiters. This can be due to lack of supporting cover letter with your resume. A cover letter can bring you a shining career if it succeeds in convincing the employer that you are the best match for them and read your resume. To make a striking cover letter, you need to consider few things and make some earlier preparations before you start writing your cover letter. The personal assistant cover letter example given here will help you in drafting a catchy and impressive cover letter.

Personal Assistant Job Description

Personal Assistants helps the directors, managers, celebrities, prime ministers, presidents and other busy professional in proper planning of their schedules and making best use of the time available with them. They handle all the secretarial tasks and administrative tasks and keep a track of their appointments and meetings scheduled. Personal assistants (PA's) are often called as personal secretary, executive secretary or private secretary. They most of the times act as an interface between the employees of the organization and the managers or directors. Personal assistants should have extensive knowledge of the functionalities of the organization and the employees who work at higher levels in the organization. They should be able to maintain confidentiality in their work and follow their work ethics apart from having good planning and communication skills.

Here is a personal assistant cover letter for your help that can help you in showcasing some of the highlighting attributes within you and making your job search successful.

Sample Personal Assistant Cover Letter

[Applicant's information]
Shirley Harris
367 Ferrari SF Street
Bunny Cottage
Oklahoma - 52763
United States
Contact Number: (462)-627-2244
E-mail id: shirley_harris@example.com

Date: September 12, 2011

[Employer's information]
John Jones
Human Resource Manager
Accent Technologies Inc.
Oklahoma - 11233
United States

Dear John,

I would like to take this opportunity to apply for the position of personal assistant of the managing director of Accent Technologies Inc. I am sending this application in reference to the advertisement posted in Evening News, dated September 12, 2011. I have necessary years of experience working as a personal assistant and embrace the skills required in this profession. I am confident that I will live up to your expectations and provide productive results from my work.

Below is the summary of the skills, qualifications and accomplishments that I have to offer your organization.

  • I have experience of working as a personal assistant in Quality Hospitality for 3.5 years where I got a platform for my career
  • I have expert planning skills, management and decision taking ability, greeting the visitors of all levels of seniority, appointment handling skills, etc.
  • I have good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and write in French and Spanish apart from English
  • I also have ability to effectively brief the important discussions and prepare appropriate reports

I am sure that my expertise and traits will definitely suit for the position of personal assistant in your organization. It would be a pleasure to meet you and discuss the position in person. Please call me at my personal contact number 462-627-2244 or mail me at shirley_harris@example.com.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you for reviewing my application.

Shirley Harris
[Your signature]


  1. Resume
  2. Recommendation letter
  3. Degree certificates
  4. Salary slip from previous employer

Avoid some common grammatical mistakes and formatting errors in your personal assistant cover letter.

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