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PLS2601/101/3/2016 3 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student Welcome to the Discipline of Philosophy (Department of Philosophy, Practical & Systematic Theology) and to the module PLS2601: Critical Reasoning. We trust that you will enjoy your studies and find this module both intellectually stimulating and challenging. The tutorial matter for this module includes the following: Tutorial letters 101 and 301 ― (READ 101 AND 301 FIRST) Only Study Guide for PLS2601 (Critical Reasoning) A DVD (a copy should be sent to you by Despatch – please note, however, that the contents of the DVD are also available online [on the module’s myUnisa site) Prescribed book, which you have to buy from Unisa Press Apart from Tutorial Letters 101 and 301, you will also receive other tutorial letters during the semester. These tutorial letters will not necessarily be available at the time of registration, but will be despatched to you as soon as they are available or needed (for instance, for feedback on assignments). If you have access to the internet, you can view the study guides and tutorial letters for the modules for which you are registered on the university’s online campus, myUnisa,at This tutorial letter (Tutorial Letter 101) sets out your programme for semester 1, 2016. It is a valuable document that provides important information on the assignments, due dates for assignments, the examination, etc. You should read through this tutorial letter before doing anything else. PLEASE NOTE:The module Critical Reasoningis semesterised. If you are registered for Semester 1 you will write the final examination for this module in May/June. If you are registered for Semester 2, you will write the final examination in October/November. Once you have passed the examination you have completed the module and you have earned your credits for the module.

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